Why We Pay Such High Premiums

Florida homeowners pay some of the highest homeowner’s insurance premiums in the country. Why? Seven of the ten most devastating hurricanes in our nation’s history occurred in Florida, several of them in South Florida, a fact that has unfortunately affected home insurance rates in the Sunshine State.

Tips For Finding the Best Agency

Therefore, searching for a local homeowner’s insurance agency  in South Florida that’s affordable and trustworthy can be difficult. While some factors that affect our rates, like acts of nature, can’t be controlled, other factors can. There are many great agencies from Miami to Boca Raton to West Palm Beach if you know what to look for. Here are some tips on what to look for and how to find a homeowners insurance agency near you that you can trust.

What to Look for in a Home Insurance Agency

Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing an insurance agency to help you with your homeowner’s insurance.

  • Customer Service – Regardless of how well-known an insurance company is, if they don’t provide good customer service, they’re not going to worth the money. Even if they’re a large and well-known company, you want one that has an agent in your area and one that may be willing to come to your home if necessary. You also want one that has the time for you, whether you need to make a claim or just have a simple question. Try to find a company that provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Variety of Insurance Providers –  It is important that the agency you choose represents more than one or two insurance companies. Some companies only represent ‘Citizens’ for instance. Others ( such as All Risk ) give you a wide variety to select from- from AIG to Chubb to Universal Property. Some agents will spend more time looking for the right amount of coverage for you. They have the time to ‘shop’ various companies to find the best rates for you. A company that has lots of homeowner’s insurance provider relationships in place is also going to be more competitive in premiums.
  • Local is Better – If you search online, you may find some excellent prices, but you’ll also be dealing with a virtual stranger that doesn’t know you and doesn’t know the area. Shopping local is recommended for many things, but it can be especially important with homeowners insurance. You’ll benefit from having an agent that is nearby and familiar with what goes on in the South Florida area. For instance – you’d like them to know whether your Boca Raton condo is in a flood zone or not. It would be helpful if they knew whether your Fort Lauderdale home qualifies for a lower deductible because your home on the New River is made of fire resistant material. Details count.

If a natural disaster or Hurricane occurs, you probably won’t have to notify your local agent because it probably affected him or her as well. Many people also claim they feel more comfortable discussing their needs with someone that they know and see right in their community. From Deerfield Beach to West Palm Beach, we live and work in South Florida just like you.

Do Your Research

When looking for a good homeowner’s insurance company, especially if it’s your first, it’s important to do your research. The Internet is an emporium of information and one that should be used. Whether you choose to use Consumer Reports or Google, do your research on different companies and see what their customers have to say and the insurance agency you are looking at. Most companies have sites where customers leave reviews. The Internet also allows you to compare rate before you actually meet with an agent.

Word of Mouth

Even after doing your due diligence and researching insurance companies, word of mouth is still usually the best advertising. Talk to friends and family members about who they use for insurance and how happy they are with that company. Ask them these questions.

• How accessible are they for customer service?
• How are their rates?
• How are they with claims?

Once you’ve gotten the answers to these questions, you’ll find it much easier to find a home insurance agency you can trust to protect the largest investment you’ll ever make.

And we hope you’ll consider All Risk Insurance Agency in Boca Raton for your home insurance needs. We’ve been providing residents with friendly customer service and great rates from Delray Beach to Davie for over 25 years! Contact us for a free consultation and quote today!