Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance for South Florida

Commercial vehicle insurance is a form of business insurance that is an essential part of your overall insurance protection for your business. Here are some facts you should know about this important coverage. Vehicle insurance is a form of commercial insurance – coverage that can help protect your South Florida business from unexpected events that can undermine the growth and financial stability of your company. We offer business vehicle insurance for clients from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton, Delray Beach to West Palm Beach, and all of South Florida.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Truck & Car Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is similar to your personal care insurance in a number of ways except commercial vehicle covers a company’s drivers when they are driving on business using company trucks, vans and cars. They both cover liability for bodily injury and property damage involving other parties when an accident occurs. Both also provide medical coverage for drivers and passengers in the vehicle. Collision coverage may also be included to cover damage to the vehicle, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

If you have a moving company in Boca Raton or a furniture delivery business in Delray Beach, then you will want your trucks covered with commercial truck insurance.

Comprehensive coverage is available to help with damage from the weather, vandalism, theft and other incidents. However, commercial coverage also offers additional protections from loss. Commercial policies provide higher liability limits. They can be designed to cover specific employees or all of your employees. Coverage for trailers, forklifts or other equipment can be added to it. In addition, commercial premiums can be deducted as part of your business expenses. From construction companies in Deerfield Beach to car transportation companies in Boynton Beach, you will want to make sure your company has the proper coverage.

Situations That Commercial Car & Truck Insurance Can Cover

Your truck insurance covers losses from accidents that may occur during severe weather events that often occur in South Florida. Landscaping vehicles may cause unexpected damage to cars, residences or hardscapes, while doing work on customers’ property. Construction vehicles can cause damage on a site during loading or unloading activities. If you provide on-demand deliveries with your personal vehicle, accidents are not covered by your personal vehicle insurance, and your claim will be denied. Commercial will ensure you have full protection, whatever your tasks.

Commercial Truck & Car Insurance Can Help Your Business Grow

Unexpected losses from a vehicle accident can cause financial burden to your company, preventing you from taking advantage of opportunities in the economy and a growing customer base. Your insurance coverage ensures that you will have the working capital on hand when you need it and will allow you the financial security to make confident business decisions for the future.

Our Agents Can Help You Find the Right Insurance For Your Needs

We offer a choice of several different companies to offer you the best possible coverage at the lowest premiums. We have a direct appointment with Progressive, Mercury, AmTrust and Ascendant We also have access to NICO and National Indemnity through a broker affiliation.

To ensure you get the best rates on truck insurance and other types of vehicles you use in your business, our experienced agents can help you determine the appropriate level of coverage for your company’s needs.

As one of our agents suggests, “Make sure you have adequate commercial vehicle insurance coverage to cover your company’s exposure. We are happy to offer you a free commercial vehicle insurance review.”

Commercial truck, van and car coverage can help prevent expensive liability costs that can undermine your business. The right coverage can provide cost-effective protection for your work vehicles, so you can concentrate on serving your South Florida customers efficiently. Call us today to discuss your coverage needs with an experienced agent at our Boca Raton main office at (561) 395-5220.