Finding affordable homeowner’s insurance in Florida is by no means an easy task. The average annual premium has nearly doubled in the past year compared to the national average. Florida homeowners have some of the highest homeowner’s insurance rates in the country. Based on the geography Florida, sustaining property damage from weather related claims is more likely than any other type of claim.

There are many options to consider when it comes to insuring your home. That is why it’s so important for you to choose a reliable insurance carrier as well as a knowledgeable and licensed insurance agent.

Dealing with an experienced insurance agent will provide you with the best options that are available to you with the best carriers. The BBB has rated All Risk Insurance Group, Inc., as an A+ rated independent insurance agency since 2006. This is for their reliable service to their thousands of customers. Here are some examples of how an experienced insurance agent can assist you in securing the proper coverage for the best and most competitive price.

Prices don’t guarantee reliability. Although price is a key factor, an informed consumer should compare several home insurance carriers before making a final decision. Another thing to consider is the carriers financial strength. It is important to know that the carrier can sustain the ability to remain solvent in the event of a catastrophe. Although a smaller premium may be appealing, if a carrier cannot cover your damages and pay a claim, having a lower premium is insignificant. An experienced insurance agent will be able to provide you with their expertise regarding the actions of the carriers after a catastrophe and their reliability in paying claims.

Ask your insurance agent for available discounts. Your agent can find out if you qualify for many discounts that are offered by many of the home insurance carriers. There are discounts that are offered for your roof structure, opening protection, fire and burglar alarm, gated developments and even senior discounts.

Consider getting an independent agent

All Risk Insurance offers a thorough consultation to be able to find the best fit at the best price for each and every one of their clients.