Flood Insurance for South Florida

Why is Flood Insurance Important?

How Can Having a Flood Policy Protect Your Home?

Flood insurance is a type of personal insurance coverage that protects against property loss where flooding is the cause. Insurance companies use special topographical maps of Florida to evaluate which areas are more at risk for flooding, factoring in things like floodplains and lowlands at risk of flooding.

At All Risk Insurance Group, we help many clients in coastal regions from Dania Beach to Delray Beach, Boca Raton to the town of Palm Beach weigh the risks of having or passing on flood coverage and help them attain the best homeowners insurance coverage for the lowest cost.

Living in South Florida, Do You Really Need Coverage for Flooding?

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray Beach or other coastal areas of South Florida and are wondering how important a flood policy is for you, let’s delve deeper. The truth of the matter is that you definitely need adequate coverage. Storms with hurricane-force winds covering large parts of South Florida come with the territory.

Tornadoes have been hitting the area lately as well and can cause flash flooding. As beautiful and captivating a place to live in as it may be, the State is often subject to flooding from the passing of large thunderstorms. and hurricanes. Flooding is a natural result of hard rain and can be experienced in any part of South Florida. For homeowners, proper coverage is a must.

Statistics on Flooding and Insurance in Florida

Property damage caused by flooding is not covered by your homeowners’ policy. Your house is covered under a National Flood Insurance Program policy, provided you have one. A 2016 poll showed that only 12% of homeowners have insurance against flooding.

A FEMA estimate shows that even an inch of water inside your house during a flood can cause damages of over $26,000 due to structural damages and possession loss in a 2,500 square ft. one-story home. For most people from Fort Lauderdale to Delray Beach to West Palm Beach, that is definitely not petty cash.

How Can You Find Out if You Are Adequately Protected?

Reading through your homeowners policy or flood policy to understand the details of your coverage can be a task. You need to scan through all the terminology and try to make sense of every detail. It really takes someone who understands insurance and has an insurance background.

One of All Risk Insurance Group’s top agents, Candice, says: “It doesn’t take much time for us to review your policy if you have a copy of it – we’re happy to review your homeowners and flood coverage to see if you are well protected.”

At All Risk Insurance Group in Boca Raton, we provide homeowners with everything from homeowners insurance to auto insurance to umbrella coverage. We can help you obtain the best flood policy for your needs. Representing over 10 companies, we will help you get the best possible rate. Call us at 561-395-5220 or click here for a no-obligation flood insurance quote today