Windstorm Insurance

South Florida is known for the high winds that come out of nowhere and cause significant damage to your property. The region has significant wind damage from various rainstorms and hurricanes. Everyone remembers Andrew, Irma, and Michael with the high winds that were created.

The wind is most damaging to properties by ripping off roofs and busting windows from flying debris. You can protect yourself by adding windstorm insurance as a part of your coverage. Here are the specifics on windstorm insurance and why it is so important for you.

What is Windstorm Insurance?

Your standard homeowners and commercial insurance will cover wind damage up to the limits of your policy. Sometimes, these damages go beyond the limits and you are forced to cover the rest out on your own.

Windstorm insurance gives you added protection that picks up where your homeowners and commercial insurance leaves off. You have higher coverage limits for wind damage and can reduce the financial burden in dealing with these effects.

We recommend wind insurance if you are a property owner to give you the extra protection you need.

All Risk Insurance has been helping property owners to get the maximum protection at affordable rates. We specialize in different types of insurance including personal, auto, homeowners, and commercial property insurance in Boca Raton. No one knows more about these different insurance products or how to get the most for your money.

What does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

Windstorm insurance protects the physical structure of your home or commercial property. This covers everything on the property including your personal belongings and detached structures.

These policies offer protection against various wind-related events such as

Hurricanes: The policy covers the total wind damage from the storm and it significantly reduces the out-of-pocket expenses.

Hail storms: Hail brings with it high winds that can cause lots of damage. Windstorm insurance offers you total protection against these weather events.

Tropical storms: Tropical storms are not as intense as a hurricane, but can bring significant amounts of wind. Windstorm insurance protects your property against these kinds of weather events.

Tornadoes: Even though tornadoes are rare in Florida, there are times when these storms will damage your property. The high winds can do significant damage and you need the maximum protection to decrease your financial losses.

We recommend this coverage to reduce your losses and ensure that your home or commercial property is protected.

All Risk Insurance gives affordable and total protection through our home and commercial property insurance in South Florida. We have been serving the area for over 10 years and our teams in the most knowledgeable in these solutions.

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