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The homeowner’s policy usually provides a very limited amount of coverage that is subject to a deductible. We advise our clients to schedule each individual valuable items for the full amount to replace it.

Yes, as long as you gave your permission to drive your car. Insurance always follows the vehicle. However, the policy limits protect you, the policy holder, first. Any remaining limit is then available for your friend. That is why we suggest that all drivers obtain their own insurance coverage whether they own a vehicle or not.

There are different ways of reducing your premium: For homeowners or tenants, you can increase your deductibles or receive additional credits for various types of protection devices such as burglar and fire alarms.

If you are retired, you may be entitled to a mature homeowner’s credit, and some companies offer a non-smoking credit.

For auto insurance, you can take a defensive driver course and increase your deductible as well. Some cities like Boca Raton offer better rates for auto insurance customers because of the zip code. Make sure you are receiving all of your auto’s safety equipment credits.

Ask our experienced insurance agents for tips about saving money on your insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies provide appraisal services and will guarantee the adequacy of the limit. If you are insured on a policy that does not offer this feature, we recommend that you contact an appraisal service to confirm the coverage limit. We can provide a list of appraisal services for your convenience.

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We’re happy to answer ANY of your personal  insurance related questions. Call our friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents in Boca Raton today. We provide free insurance quotes on personal insurance for all of South Florida, from Davie to Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach to West Palm Beach. Call 561-395-5220