Condo Insurance

Florida has one of the highest rates of condo ownership in the country. You need different protection to deal with the unique challenges you will face.

Condo insurance covers the losses and damages to your condominium. These include things such as fires, water, damage, theft, and vandalism. It picks up where the homeowners association (HOA) leaves off and gives you total protection on your property.

All Risk Insurance Group can give you access to the best condo insurance in Boca Raton. Our team knows what to do to find you those policies that maximize your coverage.

How is Condo Insurance different than Homeowners Insurance?

The most obvious difference is in the types of properties both cover. Condo insurance is designed for the challenges condominium owners will face.

Homeowner insurance is for those that own single-family homes. They must provide protection on the inside and outside of the property. HOAs will not cover single-family homes and you are responsible for your entire property.

Condo insurance has higher limits going up to 50%. This is different from homeowners insurance in Boca Raton. The coverage limits on these policies are as high as 30%.

Condo owners are responsible for protecting everything in their unit. They don’t have to worry about the common areas such as the recreation center or facilities. A homeowner will cover everything on the inside and outside of their home.

All Risk Insurance Group is the best at property insurance. We work with various carriers and will help get you the best protection for your condo or home.

The Costs

The costs for condo insurance are lower than homeowners’ policies. Typically, condo insurance averages $506 a year. There are fewer things to cover and the odds are lower of having extensive damage inside your unit.

Homeowners’ insurance costs an average of $1,899 per year. The outside of the property is exposed to the elements and the people walking by your home. This increases the chances of damage to your property. Insurance companies will charge you more because of the higher amounts of coverage they must offer.

All Risk Insurance Group can help you to find the best costs for condo and homeowners insurance. We will shop around and give you a summary of which companies will work the best for you.

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