Do you know that South Florida has some of the highest number of people uninsured in America? And we are talking about all sorts of insurance from car insurance to homeowners and renters insurance. Here are some breakouts that may bring you an awareness of how under-insured you and/or your neighbors may be.

Automobile Insurance

Florida has one of the highest percentages of uninsured motorists of any state. In 2019, the average number of uninsured motorists in America was about 13 percent which translates to approximately 215 million drivers having insurance. This figure varies considerably from state to state. For example Maine has the lowest percentage of uninsured motorists at 4.5 percent. On the far end of the spectrum, Florida checks in with an astounding 26.7 percent of drivers without proper car insurance!

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What That Means to You

With over one-quarter of drivers on the Florida roads not being properly insured, if you are involved in an accident there is a greater than one in four chance that the other driver does not have insurance. To help those drivers in Palm Beach, Broward, Lee, Martin and Collier Counties, All Risk Insurance offers uninsured motorist insurance that will protect you and your families. Call 561.395.5220 for a free quote.

Personal Insurance

When most people think about personal insurance they think about health insurance. For most people there are other personal insurance needs that are skipped over. They include insurance for personal items such as jewelry, art and other personal items. These items may not be covered or are only partially covered by your homeowner’s policy. In addition, your homeowner’s policy may have a significant deductible that can cost you a considerable amount of money.

What That Means to You

If you live in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area, contact All Risk Insurance to review your homeowners policy and make sure your policy best meets your needs. We will be happy to discuss your personal insurance requirements and provide a free insurance quote to make sure you are properly covered.

Property/Renters Insurance

Getting property or renters insurance in Florida is not a low cost issue. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida has the second highest rates in the nation for home insurance. While the national average home insurance premium is around $1,211 per year, the annual premium in Florida for home insurance is $1,951. Part of the reason is the high occurrence of hurricanes, floods and other natural issues. While flood insurance is not required in many areas, about 20 percent of flood claims come from moderate to low risk areas.

What That Means to You

While about 95% of home owners in America have homeowners insurance, many do not have any flood insurance even though many believe their homeowner’s policy covers floods. There are several key areas that your homeowner’s policy should cover including your property, your possessions, liability coverage and medical coverage from accidents.

The professional staff of All Risk Insurance is here to discuss all your insurance needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss what type of policies are best for you.