Hurricane Season 2020 is upon us here in South Florida. The right time to prepare for a hurricane is NOW, not in the crazed few days before it arrives.

This helpful hurricane preparedness checklist will get you started.

Make sure to include your entire family in the preparation and emergency planning. Keep in mind the current Covid-19 Pandemic in all your preparations.

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION: Organize important contact information (Family, School, Doctors, Work, etc.). Be sure to include all phone/cellphone numbers and email addresses, and remember to include your auto insurance and health insurance card(s). All Risk Insurance Group 561-395-5220 in Boca Raton.

MEDICATIONS & HEALTH NECESSITIES: Medications for at least one week and copies of prescriptions. Extra eyeglasses/contact lenses and prescriptions. Medical equipment/assistive technology and backup batteries. First aid kit. *Be sure to include Covid-19 testing details if applicable*

CRITICAL DOCUMENTS:  Photo ID (driver’s license, passport). Cash and credit cards. Personal records (birth certificates/marriage license). Medical records, living wills and power of attorney. Financial information (bank account or credit card information). Property records (homeowners insurance and other policies, deed or lease). Store these in a waterproof, portable container to ensure the safety of these important documents.

TOOLS & SAFETY ITEMS: Flashlight, Multi-purpose tool, matches or lighter, also stored in a waterproof container. Extra batteries and chargers for electrical equipment AM/FM radio/NOAA Weather Radio. A portable residential backup generator if possible.

It is best to plan on having at least a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food, per person. There was no electricity and there were long lines for necessities like bags of ice in Delray Beach and Boca Raton and Deerfield after Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Infant formula and diapers, pet food, supplies, and extra water if available and coolers and ice bags.

HYGIENE & SANITATION: Soap/disinfectant/sanitizer (remember we are still managing Covid-19). Paper towels/moist towelettes, toilet paper, bleach, toothbrush and toothpaste. Include extra gloves and masks.

PROTECTIVE GEAR & CLOTHING: Extra warm clothes, shoes/boots, blankets or sleeping bags. Include extra gloves and masks.

COMFORT & PRICELESS ITEMS: Books, puzzles, favorite stuffed toy and board games. Photo albums and irreplaceable valuables.

DURING A HURRICANE:  When a tropical storm or hurricane watch is issued, stay informed. Be sure to upload all necessary apps to your cell phone and know your local radio stations.

It is always best to have an evacuation plan in place well before you need one. In case of evacuation, have a travel bag prepared. Be sure to locate your evacuation route and local shelter.

While a direct hit from a major hurricane in your community isn’t a certainty, wouldn’t you be better off having the peace of mind of knowing your home and your belongings were protected in the event a hurricane strikes? The experienced and caring insurance agents here at All Risk would be happy to review your homeowners insurance to make sure your South Florida home is covered adequately.