Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) pays for your medical costs and lost earnings when you are harmed in a vehicle accident. In most states, this coverage is optional. However, 16 states demand a certain amount of PIP protection. PIP coverage may overlap with your medical insurance, but it is sometimes necessary to have both plans.

What Does PIP Cover?

Personal injury protection, sometimes referred to as no-fault insurance, covers your medical fees and rehabilitation costs if you are injured in an automobile accident. PIP also applies whether you are a passenger in somebody else’s automobile or if you are injured by a car while walking or cycling.

Personal injury insurance in Boca Raton differs from bodily injury liability coverage in that, while PIP insurance covers your medical costs, liability insurance pays for the medical costs of other motorists and passengers when you are at fault for the accident.

PIP insurance may provide some of the same benefits as a MedPay or health insurance policy. on the other hand, personal injury insurance in Delray Beach is explicitly written for car-related damages, which are frequently excluded from healthcare plans, and PIP policy covers several additional costs not covered by MedPay.

What Does PIP Cover?

Personal Injury insurance in Boca Raton pays for essential medical treatments as well as fair rehabilitation costs while you recover from an injury. The expenditures that are reimbursed vary from state to state and may include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Occupational or physical therapy
  • Funeral costs and death benefits
  • Substitute services like cleaning, lawn care, and babysitting

Do I Require PIP if I Have Medical Coverage?

If you currently have medical insurance, you may be asking if PIP is really necessary. There’s no definite answer, as it depends on your situation.

If you have extremely good health insurance with comprehensive post-accident care, you might want to just purchase minimal PIP coverage. Whereas, if you don’t have medical insurance or have a weak plan, you should consider acquiring PIP. Personal injury insurance in Delray Beach will provide you with benefits such as pay replacement and some of the beneficial substitute services mentioned above. Speak with a personal insurance agent in Delray Beach to determine if PIP is best for you.

How Do I File a PIP Claim?

If you want to make a claim straight after an injury, just do so on the telephone, online, or through the application. Inquire with your personal insurance agent in Delray Beach about the PIP claim process and keep a copy of the claim documentation on hand in case you are injured.

After submitting the required paperwork, your insurance provider will review your claim and either accept or deny it. They may opt to approve just partial compensation. In addition, your insurance provider may need you to be checked by a medical practitioner of their choice.

Finally, be mindful of your insurer’s claim filing deadlines. They may have a rigid protocol about when you must make a claim following an accident.

If you are ever involved in an accident, personal injury insurance will be helpful. Contact us at All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. for reliable personal, auto, and home insurance.