Owning a small business means you will need to have business insurance to cover it. The insurance coverage your business needs must be able to keep your small business protected during trying times. These trying times may involve objects falling, employee injuries, floods, or building damage. Regardless of what the issue is, your business insurance should have it covered.

The coverages provided for your business will also have limits for each. The limit is the maximum amount that an insurance provider pays when a claim is submitted. You should also be aware that the coverages provided may have individual limits. The coverages may also involve deductibles, which are the remaining amounts paid out of pocket for your insurance for a small business.

Below, we have the small business insurance coverages that we will supply.

The Best Business Liability Insurance in Florida

This business liability insurance in Florida coverage protects you and the business from claims made by third parties. The claims involved usually include injuries and damage to property owned by others. However, the general liability provided won´t cover personal property.

Your business liability insurance in Florida should cover the most so that you can run your business worry-free, and All Risk Insurance Group can help with that.

Commercial Property Insurance

The commercial insurance in South Florida that we offer here at All Risk Insurance Group is designed to cover you in case of uncontrollable or unforeseen accidents. These instances include hurricanes, vandalism, fires, or anything else related to commercial property. Having our commercial property insurance coverage gives you the upper hand when it comes time to protect your business. Commercial insurance in South Florida will replace equipment, tools, and any other work-related material that may be lost. Remember, the amount of coverage is set so if the value of the equipment is higher, then you will be paying the difference.

We Provide Workers Compensation

At All Risk Insurance Group, we offer your business workers’ compensation. This will keep your Florida business covered for all work-related injuries sustained by an employee. As part of the coverage, we will pay for lost wages, treatment costs, and any needed rehabilitation. Not only is workers’ compensation a great job benefit, but it is legally required.

Your workers’ compensation coverage will cover all employees regardless of whether they are a minor or what their immigration status is. However, if your business hires independent contractors or workers that are temporary, they will be considered exempt.

We Provide Commercial Flood Insurance

Having a small business in Florida means you should have commercial flood insurance. Having flood insurance will keep your business protected from flooding caused by hurricanes or any other issue that may cause a significant amount of water to develop. Your business needs to be prepared for the unexpected and All Risk Insurance Group will ensure that your business is ready.


When you have the necessary business insurance coverage, your business, staff, and equipment will remain protected for as long as you pay your coverage premium. This means you need to be in touch with us today for a quote. This way you have no surprises in what your coverage covers.