All parents want their teenage children to have the very best. This includes making sure they are well protected on I-95, Federal Highway and other South Florida area roadways by having a safe car and the best available auto insurance coverage.

But having the best auto coverage for your teen doesn’t always mean it needs to cost the most.

Here are some tips for saving money on your teenager’s auto insurance coverage:

  • Multi-car discounts – If your teenager has his/her own car ( and many South Florida teens from Pompano Beach to Delray Beach have their own cars these days ) adding that to your auto insurance policy might make you eligible for a multi-car discount, which helps lessen the cost of auto coverage.
  • Good student discounts – Did you know that Florida allows for discounts for students who achieve certain levels of good grades in school? It’s also an excellent way to keep your teenager away from the mall, out of the car and in the books!
  • Driver improvement course discounts – Florida allows for a discount if the young driver completes a driver improvement course (in addition to the basic driver education and training courses required for a driver’s license).Discounts are often available to parents above a specified age for the same types of courses, so Mom & Dad need to check into that as well.
  • Select a “sensible” vehicle for your youngster. That safe sedan will be much cheaper to insure than the snazzy convertible. South Florida roads are fairly safe, comparatively speaking, but there are alot of out of town drivers in the area, not to mention frequent rain and storms.
  • Be realistic in your physical damage coverage. If the car is old, it may not be worthwhile to maintain physical damage coverage on the vehicle. If you do have that coverage, consider a larger deductible to reduce your insurance rates.

Be sure to ask your All Risk Group insurance agent about how you can save money on your teen’s auto insurance coverage. From Boca Raton to Palm Beach, Davie to Delray Beach,  If you would like a complimentary consultation or need help with any other type of personal or commercial insurance, please feel free to contact our auto insurance agents today, we’d be glad to help!