As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind. When it comes to purchasing commercial liability insurance in Delray Beach, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, you need to sit down and talk to your agent about the possibility of workplace falls and how to get the appropriate coverage to protect your business.

The Most Common Workplace Injury

A quick look at U.S. workplace statistics will reveal that falls account for 20% to 40% of disabling workplace injuries. In fact, they’re the most common workplace injury experienced. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that your business is adequately covered if one of your employees gets injured due to a fall.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Boca Raton

Workers’ compensation insurance is typically mandated by most states. It provides employees with short-term and long-term coverage for their workplace-related injuries. This means coverage for medication, hospital bills, physical therapy, and even lost wages. Having this level of protection helps to ensure that your employees are properly looked after and minimizes your business’s risk of being sued.

Commercial Property Insurance in Boca Raton

While covering the injuries sustained by your employees is handled with workers’ compensation insurance in Boca Raton, that’s not the only type of insurance that you’ll want to have. Commercial property insurance in Boca Raton will help to cover any damage to your business property or equipment as a result of the fall. It’s crucial to note that workers’ compensation isn’t going to cover the damage to your property in the event that one of your employees falls on the job.

Commercial Liability Insurance in Pompano Beach

Commercial liability insurance in Pompano Beach is a necessary type of general coverage you’ll need to have for slip and fall injuries. The sole purpose of this type of insurance coverage is to protect your business and its assets from property damage and injury claims. Commercial liability insurance in Deerfield Beach is typically designed to cover legal fees associated with negligence claims against your business.

Preventative Measures For Workplace Slip and Fall Injuries

While having adequate insurance coverage is an absolute necessity to protect your business, there are some preventative measures that you’ll also want to take to reduce your risk of experiencing this type of unpleasant situation. First and foremost, always properly educate your employees about the dangers of falls and train them on how to handle common workplace hazards. Also, schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of areas where falls are most prominent.

It’s vital for any business in the 21st century to have adequate insurance coverage for workplace-related falls. If your business doesn’t currently have workers’ compensation, commercial property, or commercial liability insurance in Deerfield Beach, it’s time to think about getting these coverages. All Risk Insurance Group can help to mitigate your business’s risk going into the future.