​Florida is known for its hurricane and although we have all been through many hurricanes it is still encouraged to make sure you are properly prepared for a hurricane, whether you are planning on staying put, evacuating, and or trying something new like having a hurricane party! Well, we have some tips on how to stay safe during a hurricane to keep you, your family, and friends ahead of the game.

If you are planning on staying put during a hurricane

Make sure your home make sure you remove any items from your outdoor spaces and porches, these items can easily be picked up by the wind causing serious damage to your home. Park your cars inside your garage, or safe place away from trees and poles.

Have an emergency kit handy with all of your basic necessities, for example – nonperishable food items, water, batteries, flash lights, battery operated radio, etc.

Board up your windows and or make sure your hurricane shutters are tightly secured

Lastly, have an emergency evacuation plan or place to stay safe if things turn for the worst!

If you’re planning on evacuating

Find your nearest shelter, call your family, or stay at a hotel that you know is safe and stay there during the hurricane.

If you are unable to take your beloved pet with you during the evacuation place him/her in the nearest shelter!

Plan ahead and make sure you have a solid evacuation routes, also note that some roads may be closed. Have alternative options as well.

Before leaving your home, make sure that everything is boarded up. All items that are in your yards or porch are removed and put inside your home and or garage.

Lastly, make sure everything in your home is turned off and unplugged.

If you’re having a hurricane party

The latest trend among some Florida residents is to host a hurricane party with your friends and family. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is safe and you are all together! So we have put together a list of items that you will need:

  • Food and lots of water
  • Batteries
  • Backup generators
  • Battery operated radio
  • Nonperishable food items