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boat insurance

Whether you use your boat to fish, cruise, or race, we know it must be pretty difficult to picture your life without it. All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. can provide you with information to help you choose the best coverage for your watercraft insurance policy. Boat insurance covers many kinds of boats, so even if you’re looking for specific coverage—like personal watercraft insurance, jet boat insurance, sailboat insurance, fishing boat insurance, or house boat insurance you can be certain we will provide you with the best protection available. We understand the differences between power boaters, sailors, and commercial fishermen, and can tailor an insurance policy to your unique needs.

All Risk Insurance Group, Inc.’s watercraft insurance policy typically insures you against many common liability losses, you may be covered for:

  • damage to another craft or dock
  • bodily injury or death to another person due to your negligence
  • negligence of another boater while using your Personal Water Craft
  • water skiers or wake boarders who become injured using your craft
  • damage to the hull, machinery, equipment
  • injury caused by an uninsured watercraft operator
  • towing assistance

Whether you’re a lifelong boater or just getting started, All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. can find ways for you to save on your next watercraft insurance policy. We offer discounts for:

  • Completing a boater safety course
  • Multiple boat coverage
  • Combining watercraft insurance with another insurance policy(auto or homeowners)

It’s always a good idea to take a close look at your new or existing marine policy. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you have a lot to look out for. You deserve the right policy at the right price. All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. can help. Call us at 561-395-5220 or Fill out the form above for a online watercraft insurance quote, and learn how All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. can keep you safe and secure with a Florida watercraft insurance policy.


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