Most people think a home insurance policy covers everything.

dwelling fire insurance

“Flood, termites, earthquakes as well as hurricane damage our homeowners insurance policies covers everything”.
Baloney, in case you think that, I’ve got to tell you all, that just isn’t the situation. Home insurance isn’t designed to tackle all our insurance worries. Originally it was created just for destruction due to to fire, and was divided into many categories you would have to buy independent insurance plans for theft, vandalism, individual belongings etc. These days, Nearly everyone of these common issues are bundled into 1 home insurance policy.

For luxurious belongings there are actually set monetary restrictions to, just how much money would be paid back to you on individual belongings. If you happen to own a expensive example of fine art and it is destroyed in a fire, or a person steals it, chances are your home insurance policy won’t cover it. If you want to insure your most valuable material possessions it will be wiser to get a inland marine insurance policy.

I know very well what you are thinking INLAND MARINE isn’t that for the transportation trade? Yes and then No. A lot of extremely high-quality personal possessions fall into this catagory of insurance protection like: Cameras and Photographic Equipment, PC Coverage, Contractors Equipment (tools), Fine Arts, Furriers, Golf Equipment, Guns, and high value Jewels. The phrase inland marine is an industry term and if you are looking to insure any of the objects listed (like a painting), just tell the agent I would like to insure my painting and if it’s valued over a certain amount of money, it will fall in the inland marine category.

Flood Insurance and Earthquake Insurance is not covered by ANY type of homeowners insurance, you can go out and procure the top house owners insurance policy in the US and it in spite of everything won’t cover flood or earthquake destruction. I can not stress this enough when you’re shopping to insure your house, auto, motorcycle, dirt bikeno matter what you’ve got to talk to the agent, ASK insurance questions about what is covered under the insurance policy you’re spending your hard-earned money for, is really insuring. buy a domain . current utc time . Do not assume all sales people are good citizens and have your best interests at in mind, keep in mind every sales person loves you and is your best friend until you buy whatever it is they’re selling. Because once you put your signature on on the dotted line the romance is over and you are immediately just a client.

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