Dental Insurance for Florida


From dental cleanings to root canals, it can be difficult to predict how much money you’re going to spend for your dental care. With dental insurance plans for you and your family, we can help make it easier to keep your smile healthy and affordable. All Risk Insurance Group, Inc. dental insurance plans provide you with the coverage you need to promote good dental health.

Dental insurance works similar to health insurance. For a specific monthly rate or “premium”, you are entitled to certain dental benefits, usually including x-rays, cleanings, regular checkups, and certain services that promote general dental health. Some plans provide broader coverage than others and some require a greater financial contribution on your part at the time when services are rendered. There are some plans that may also provide coverage for dental implants, certain types of oral surgery, or orthodontia

  • Indemnity plans- the carrier pays for covered services only after it receives a bill, which means that you may have to pay up front and then obtain reimbursement from your insurance carrier later.
  • Managed-care plans typically maintain dental provider
  • networks. Dentists participating in a network agree to perform services for patients at pre-negotiated rates and usually will submit the claim to the dental insurance company for you. In general, you’ll have less paperwork and lower out-of-pocket costs with a managed-care dental plan and a broader choice of dentists with an Indemnity plan.

Regardless of the type of dental insurance plan you select the covered services and excluded services may be similar in nature. The dental insurance information provided on this page is simply an overview of what are 2 common benefits and exclusions.

At All Risk Insurance Group, Inc., we are available to help you find the best dental plan for you or your family. If you need assistance with locating dental insurance in Florida or have any questions about a specific plan, please contact us by phone at 561-395-5220. Our experienced insurance agents are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and help you purchase an employer, family or individual dental insurance plan today.

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